Duluth Tile, LLC

Hello and good day from your friends at Duluth Tile, LLC! I am the President of Duluth Tile and have been installing tile, wood, carpet, vinyl and other emerging flooring products in Duluth for over fifteen years. I have serviced homeowners, business owners, property managers, designers and just about every flooring and installation entity in Duluth over this time. These contracts have involved both commercial and residential applications in Duluth and throughout greater Minnesota. I am proud to live in Duluth where I continue to invest in our community and the great cities surrounding Lake Superior.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to consider us in the future for any tile or flooring need that you may have. Over the years Duluth Tile has expanded to include greater assets and human resources than ever before. Whether your project is big or small rest assured that Duluth Tile has the experience and knowledge to execute in a highly qualified and efficient manner.

My experience has taught me the value of superior customer care. I have held closely these principles, gone to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction, and based our business model on providing service above and beyond expectation.  My education has also taught me much about service, leadership, ethics, and the community. You can rest assured that I am exceedingly capable of taking care of you or your customers. Quality, trust, and character are my top priorities and have proven an invaluable asset as our company has grown over the years.

Thank you for your consideration and do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

(218) 780-8702
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